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The Directors of Valley Light Opera’s Fall production of Lerner and Loewe’s Camelot are pleased to announce their cast.

King Arthur - Ben Morse
Merlin - Thom Griffin
Guenevere- Elaine Crane
Lancelot- David Leslie
King Pellinore- Matt Roehrig
Mordred - Max Levheim
Morgan LeFey - Ann Steinhauser
Tom of Warwick- James Felder
Sir Dinadin- Jeffrey Erb
Sagramore- Maureen McElligott
Sir Lionel- Andy Price
Squire Dap- Nina Pollard
Lady Anne- Brooke Steinhauser
Clarius- Kevin Cox
Lady Sybil- Elysse Link
Colgrevance- David Mix Barrington
Brackley - Paul Peelle
Castor - Gordon Freed
Bliant- Stephen Atkinson
Nimue- Adrianna Morelli

The Court of Morgan LeFey- Talia Sadiq, McKenna Cambo, Sophie Kawall, Samuel Schulze, Campbell Schulze

Ensemble- Paul Peelle, David Mix-Barrington, Elizabeth Neill, Sophie Stevenson, Victoria Poutre, Emily Wegiel, Gordon Freed, Stephen Atkinson, Katherine Benfer, Rory Mason, Gary Felder, James Felder, Nina Pollard, Kevin Cox, Elysse Link, Louise Antony, Brooke Steinhauser, Lisa Levheim, Dominique Libera, Amanda Seymour, Mark McMenamin, Anan Eisenstein-Bond, Adrianna Morelli, Hanna McCandless, Gabrielle Smachetti

And as Horrid, the dog - Maeve Zyra